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Unified Jacking System

This is a 24 jack system. If you have 10 tonne under jack 1, 15 tonne under jack 2 and 7 tonne under jack 3,all jacks will lift at the same rate so the structure doesn’t crack.

Three Storey Brick Building.

This building was lifted and moved across a 3 acre site to make way for a new development.

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Hanlon Structural Movers

Welcome to Hanlon Structural Movers we are an Irish company who specialise in lifting and moving structures.

Moving buildings is a cost effective way of saving a
structure from demolition or flooding

Structural moving is not a new or unproven industry, but rather a safe, long standing trade that has a rich history. throughout the world from as far back as the mid 1800’s.

Telephone: (052) 9154809 or (087) 1368833

Steel Supports

Example of a temporary steel frame under building before
block layers build up void from old foundation to new height
above the flood.

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Pic 1


We use a form of underpinning and a secondary safety measures to ensure the integrity of the building as it is been raised.

Gable end of two storey brick building.

This is a house that was lifted 3 foot in a flood zone area. Please note oak cribbing as a secondary support system or fail safe.